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UCSF Craniofacial Center - Mission Bay


The Craniofacial Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to birth defects affecting the face, head and neck, including cleft lip, cleft palate, ear anomalies and craniosynostosis, which involve the early fusing of one or more of the bones in the skull and face during fetal development. Visit craniofacialcenter.ucsf.edu for more information.

Services Offered

Our team includes surgeons, dentists, speech pathologists, genetics and pediatrics providers, who work together to provide comprehensive care to patients with craniofacial conditions.

Your First Appointment?

Each Craniofacial Clinic appointment includes multiple visits, so that you and/or your child can see all necessary specialists in one day. Plan on being here most of the day, and expect some waiting time between visits with different providers.