COVID-19 and UCSF Dental Center

Steps we're taking to ensure safe, quality care

UCSF Dental Center is fully committed to always providing the safest and highest quality care. We've taken every precaution to provide both general and specialty dental care while protecting our patients and providers from COVID-19. Don't put your health on hold — call today to schedule your appointment.

dental providers treat patient

We're Making Your Visit More Secure

Rest assured that we have precautions in place to protect your safety

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young man with jaw pain

Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Some conditions require timely care to prevent further injury

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young woman on smartphone

Is It Safe to Delay Dental Care?

Don't put your oral and overall health at increased risk

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woman disinfecting chair

What to Expect at Your Dental Visit

New guidelines are in place to keep both you and your provider safe

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woman with thermometer

Is It Influenza, or Is It COVID-19?

It may be hard to differentiate between these illnesses

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