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Excellence in Dentistry Starts Here

Our top priority is excellent, patient-centered care, delivered by our faculty providers, residents and student dentists.

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One Center — A Multitude of Services

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Meeting Your Oral Care Needs Get care that's tailored to you — whether you need an exam, cleaning or the latest preventive treatments.

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Specialty Treatment for Adults and Kids From orthodontics to oral surgery, we provide the latest evidenced-based care.

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The Power of Prestige

UCSF Dental Center relies on the expertise of researchers at one of the world’s best dental schools.

The quality of care and personal attention from my student dentist exceeded experiences at other clinics. Plus, I helped with research and learned new facts about my biology.

Andrew Mallis
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Master Restorer

Prosthodontist Arun Sharma, BDS, is undaunted by decay, trauma, even cancer in crafting top-notch restorations for his patients.

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Our extensive range of dental clinics covers the spectrum of oral health care.